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Members are advised that this Code of Conduct applies to all categories of membership and any breach will be considered “conduct unbecoming a member” subject to Sub-Branch Rule 15 Disciplinary Procedure. This rule empowers the Sub-Branch Committee to determine if a member is guilty of such conduct and to impose a penalty that may include a warning, reprimand, suspension of membership or expulsion as a member. This code of conduct is distributed to all members.
Unacceptable Conduct:

  • Acting in an unfair, dishonest or unjust manner

  • Acts of cruelty

  • Bullying, stalking, harassment, intimidation, threatening behaviour, discrimination or personal abuse

  • Failing to declare a conflict of interest

  • False accusations of bullying, stalking, harassment, intimidation, threatening behaviour, discrimination or personal abuse

  • Foul or abusive language

  • Intrusive questions about a person’s private life or physical appearance

  • Making untrue statements about Woodend RSL or its Committee members

  • Overindulgence in alcohol

  • Refusal to leave the premises when requested by the Sub-Branch President or the senior member of the Committee present or the senior employee present, or, having done so, attempt to re-enter the premises

  • Sexual harassment including: indecency, sexually suggestive comments or jokes, documents, text messages, images, phone calls, emails or screen images., inappropriate staring or leering, unwelcome hugging, kissing or cornering or other types of inappropriate physical contact

  • Violent or quarrelsome behaviour

Members Responsibilities:

  • Members must comply fully with Branch Bylaw 10B - Authorised Rules for Incorporated Sub-Branches Not Conducting Gaming

  • Members must refrain from representing the RSL or the RSL Sub-branch in any form, unless authorised by the Committee

  • Members are required to address any communication with the RSL, the RSL Sub-Branch or the Sub-Branch Committee members to the Sub-Branch at its registered address.

  • Members must respect other members' privacy and must not contact another member at their private address unless agreed to in advance by that member.

  • Members acknowledge that they may be unable to access the premises when a private event is progress and that the bar may be closed during some public events

  • Members are deemed to have accepted this Code of Conduct by renewing, or not withdrawing their membership subscription

Members with Guests Responsibilities:
Members and their guests and visitors shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times whilst on the premises of the Woodend RSL.
Members and guests must comply with RSL Sub-Branch policies, signage and any lawful directions of Committee members or staff
A member is responsible for the behaviour of any guest he/she may bring onto the premises
A member will be held responsible for any damage to RSL property by themselves, their guests or children thereof
Children on the premises must be supervised by a member or guest at all times and behave appropriately
Members or guests must not bring food or drinks onto the premises for consumption on the premises unless prior agreement is obtained from the Committee
Members and guests must not bring or have in their possession any illegal materials while on the premises
Members and guests must dress appropriately to comply with the RSL Dress Code
Members and guests acknowledge that they may be recorded on closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras located inside and outside of the premises

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